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Re: FlameRobin working with embedded FB?

Milan Babuskov-5
Dan Cooperstock wrote:
> I'm trying to use FlameRobin on Windows with the Embedded
> FB. My guess is that it isn't set up to do that, since the
> connection is being made under "localhost", and I know the
> embedded version doesn't work with that. But there doesn't
> seem to be a way to set it up.
> Help?

You can use FlameRobin with embedded without any problems. As with any
other application, you need to copy the embedded files (.DLLs and stuff)
into FR directory. Now, register a new server like this:

Display name: Embedded
Port number:

That's right, leave Hostname and Port fields empty. After that, just
register the database as usual and enjoy.

Milan Babuskov

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