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ibpp (beta) - dropped one file

Olivier Mascia
If you choose to test ibpp beta hosted in FlameRobin source  
code, please be warned that the file datecalc.cpp has been dropped.  
You will have to remove it from your code tree and update your build  

Unless you need access to the blob subtype (which you most probably  
already collect in some other way) or need to display full precision  
for TIME and TIMESTAMP up to the ten thousandths of second (what  
for?), you probably don't need to even test this version with  

The next one ( will bring extensions regarding users management.
Then ibpp 2.4 will be released.

The 3.0 (beta) will bring you the multi libraries support through an  
additional class named IBPP::Valve until I find a better name for it,  
but don't rush to the CVS HEAD to see that : the code there is really  
outdated and not even yet synched with the latest 2.4 efforts.

I try to plan so that a 3.0 beta (which means some code stable enough  
for us to use in our commercial apps) would be out before Firebird  


Olivier Mascia

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